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I think when you live in Los Angeles, especially if you’re doing music or acting, you’re going to cross paths with certain people.

I met John completely randomly at a grocery store and then had a relationship with him. I had a massive amount of respect for him as a musician, but it could easily have been anybody, like other people I’ve been with who work in a coffee shop or whatever.

I don’t think it’s a good idea, except maybe if you’re your own manger or you’re trying to cultivate your image.

I think the best thing to do is to just stay focused on your work and let everyone else deal with the rest.

After their self titled album two years ago, followed by a brief hiatus in which all four members took on separate projects, the band is back with their third full length album is any indication, this could also be Warpaint’s most playful and poppy record to date.At the United Palace Theatre in Uptown Manhattan, one of the year’s hottest new rock bands is about to take the stage.Warpaint, an all-girl quartet from Los Angeles, have generated an avalanche of gossip in recent months.Some people have a really big voice on twitter, Kanye or whoever, they have a direct line to their audience.It’s this new way of connecting with your personality, not just your art, and that’s fascinating to me.

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In 2008 Warpaint appeared from seemingly nowhere with a fully formed and unique psych-rock sound.

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