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by Rabbi Shimon Leiberman The dynamic of interaction between the three sefirot of "action" can be compared to a courtroom where kindness, chesed, is the defender and judgment gevurah/din the prosecutor.

by Rabbi Shimon Leiberman The sefirot of chesed, gevurah, tiferet -- kindness, strength and beauty -- have an interrelationship that serves as a model for understanding the relationships between the other sefirot.

(Szeptycki was waging his own battle against the Nazis: Hitler resolved to exterminate Polish culture and identity, and his first step was the elimination of the intelligentsia, including the clergy.

Many priests were killed or placed in concentration camps, where an estimated 3,000 Polish clergy died.) Szeptycki was later honored by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but at some point, the attraction is going to turn into work.

So look to see if this is someone who has the raw materials to do the work with you.3. We’ve all had them – I will only be in a relationship with someone who is this, that, and so on and so forth.

This kind of relationship does not last because it disconnects you from life.On this same day in 1942, Metropolitan Andrei Szeptycki, a bishop with the Greek Catholic Church in Nazi-occupied Lemberg (Lwow), Poland, issued orders for the clergy in his jurisdiction to shelter Jewish children.Ignoring risks to his position and his life (in Poland there was an automatic death penalty for aiding Jews), Szeptycki spoke out against Hitler, and threatened "with Divine punishment" anyone who "shed innocent blood.” Szeptycki led by example: He hid 21 Jews in his own cathedral, and 183 more in convents and monasteries.A true spiritual relationship is a continuous process of work and growth for each person individually and for the couple.A desire to keep pushing to transform yourself and elevate the relationship continuously takes your relationship forward to the next level.2.

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