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– Meg Lemke MUTHA: Tell me about your kids–how would you describe them each in a sentence?

LISA LOEB: Make sure you get enough sleep so that you have the energy to go with the flow of what’s going on.Sometimes on first listen I’m done, but the kids want to hear them again and again, and certain songs take repeat listening for enjoyment to kick in.MUTHA: What was that first family music tour like, compared to your alt-rock first time out? They tell me that was the song that they heard when they met their husband, the song that they heard when they divorced their husband. It’s a song that they learned through their mom, or their best friends, that they all used to sing it together in a dorm room.There’s always a sentimental quality, a nostalgic quality, which has a little bit of melancholy, but also usually a lot of joy, and sometimes a little bit of laughter as well." data-reactid="57"We are not too far away from the 25th anniversary of “Stay (I Missed You).” What do fans say to you about the song or the equally memorable video? Just so many stories about how it brings people together.

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  2. In early 2005 I started to get comments in the teens. Liz, who I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, began to drop by regularly. Liz doesn't blog that often on Xanga anymore, but she will always be a treasured friend of any kind.