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Objectors attempt to discredit it by implying that at best it is only what A. So far as this objection can have any applica- tion to the present work, it may fairly be replied : first that the author has been at some pains to corroborate and illustrate his own accounts by the independent observations of others (and this must be his justification for the copiousness of his quota- tions from other writers) ; and, secondly, that he has, whenever possible, given us what is really the best kind of evidence for his own statements by record- ing the charms and other magic formulae which are actually in use.

Of these a great number has been here collected, and in the translation of such of the more interesting ones as are quoted in the text of the book, every effort has been made to keep to literal accuracy of rendering.

This , last is a point of view which it would hardly be appropriate or profitable to discuss here, but a few words may as well be devoted to the other objec- tion.As a piece of psychology it must always have a certain interest, and it may on occasions become of enormous practical importance.If, for instance, in 1857 certain persons, whose con- cern it was, had paid more attention to facts of this kind, possibly the Indian Mutiny could have been prevented, and probably it might have been foreseen, so that precautionary measures could have been taken in time to minimise the extent of the catastrophe.The Malay race, while far removed from the savage condition, has not as yet reached a very high stage of civilisation, and still retains relatively large rem- nants of this primitive order of ideas.It is true that Malay notions on these subjects are under- going a process of disintegration, the rapidity of which has been considerably increased by contact with European civilisation, but, such as they are, these ideas still form a great factor in the life of the mass of the people.

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The book does not profess to be an exhaustive or complete treatise, but rather, as its title indicates, an introduction to the study of Folklore, Popular Religion, and Magic as understood among the Malays of the Peninsula.

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