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Enabling robots to read human behaviour and to respond in appropriate ways is a burgeoning area of research.As is the study of how humans will react to these potentially clever, personalized and ever-available companions.What would a virtual love product look like, then, if it was designed for women by women?

As artificial intelligence and robotics improve, advances will filter into robots designed for sex. (Soldiers have been shown to develop emotional attachments to bomb-disposal robots.) Although a handful of researchers have looked seriously at the issues surrounding relationships with robots, research into the social, legal and moral implications is scarce.Academic research on sex-related technology is even scarcer, and the work that has been done so far — including a study by Stanford University in California that revealed that people get physiologically aroused when touching a robot in places that they would find sensitive themselves — is plagued by caveats and differing interpretations.The academic world has largely looked on the topic as both trivial and sensational.But the report is compelling because of the uncomfortable issues it surfaces.This is a class of technology that will soon be commonplace, and many aren't quite sure how to feel about it.

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