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Cadena said they used data from a Mexican identification-card program to analyze geographic migration patterns.They found the rate of immigrants returning to Mexico nearly quadrupled from 2005 to 2010, around the same time E-Verify was mandated.That move immediately increased the value of having an SSN, even if it was fraudulent.The result, after 1986, was a massive boom in the creation and sale of black market SSNs, identity theft, and voluntary identity loans that allow employers to obey the letter of the law when collecting I-9 forms and for illegal immigrants to continue to work.Before the widespread use of the SSN outside of Social Security programs (for purposes such as establishing credit), there were few incentives to obtain fraudulent SSNs or counterfeit cards.However, as the use of the SSN expanded, so too did incentives to obtain fraudulent SSNs, giving rise to concerns about the integrity of the number and card.Berryhill does not attempt to reconcile her above statements with her support for mandatory E-Verify.Presumably, the reason Berryhill states that mandatory E-Verify will reduce fraud is that it will allow the government to check their use more frequently and identify fraudulent use.

“We find that an Arizona law reducing employment opportunities for unauthorized migrants decreased emigration from and increased return migration to Mexican source regions with strong initial ties to Arizona,” authors of the study stated.

He said previous research had shown state-level employment restriction laws, like the one in Arizona, reduced the size of a state’s unauthorized immigrant population.

“We didn’t know if that was because people were going back to Mexico or choosing not to come to the United States from Mexico,” he said.

S., and is becoming the not-so-voluntary system of choice.

Many employers are required to use E-Verify through an ever-expanding web of state requirements.

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