Matsumoto jun dating when did the concept of dating begin

They are seen hanging out, laughing, and just having fun.They were thought to have gone on a date watching a Cirque de Soile show during their taping for the movie in America."It seems Eikura Nana is dating Matsumoto Jun of Arashi.The Arashi fans waiting outside the station were making a fuss about it.Johnny's Entertainment must have been lax with this new development, after all, Arashi is on top of the charts with every Hana Dan theme song, and their tandem is soaring high with the ratings.

So far nothing has been revealed so Matsumoto is still and will always be officially a Male Man.

After that, talk of [Matsumoto’s] relationship with Inoue fell through.

(An evening paper reporter)There were also rumors of love blossoming between Matsumoto Jun and Nakama Yukie who starred in the drama “Gokusen.”“Nakama treated Matsumoto to meals in her home but it wasn’t a romantic relationship.

especially if you are with the same girl for three major projects. I mean why make an effort showing the two are almost strangers or just looking like 'casual' friends when there is nothing to hide in the first place?

Well maybe because there is something worth hiding.

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  1. When you’re willing to throw your hand in too soon, and send out the signals very early on that, “yeah, I’ll be your boyfriend”, women pick up on this and realize that you don’t have other options.