My supervisor is intimidating

It is obvious, however, that most employees do not maintain continuous perfect relations day after day with fellow employees.Occasional disturbances in human interrelations are normal and to be expected.After the last operative report, the claimant was discharged.The claimant's supervisor, however, had not discussed the claimant’s attitude or performance with him or indicated any need for correction or improvement.Say these words: “I now feel targeted by ___ and he is making me feel uncomfortable about my own safety.” You also really, really should talk to your own manager, explain what’s happened, state that he’s making you feel physically uncomfortable and threatened, and insist it be handled.

Let him know that after the “apology,” this guy physically blocked your way in the hallway, berated you condescendingly about whether you were okay, and generally had a hostile and threatening demeanor.Some forms and publications are translated by the department in other languages.For those forms, visit the Online Forms and Publications section.They include annoying or not getting along with other employees, failing to pay debts to other employees or failing to cooperate with coworkers in performing the work.It is an employee's obligation to the employer to so conduct himself or herself that he or she can work peacefully and without wrangling with fellow employees.

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