Nishiki century sugino bike dating radiocarbon dating of the iceman otzi with accelerator mass spectrometry

I have worked off and on in the bicycle business, primarily as head mechanic, at one point for a chain of 15 bike shops.I also have written extensively on (primarily technical) bicycle matters, first for Bike World, then for several years with Bicycling, and most recently American Bicyclist, a trade magazine that goes to every bike shop in the country.I had long done my own bicycle maintenance, with the help of a friendly bike shop owner, so I knew enough to be able to put bikes together out of parts from the dump.This was a major source of spending money for me when I was in junior high and high school. (Made in Taiwan)1985 800 P - 4130 Proline frame & fork. 1987 600 CXL - Available in White, Red or Turquiose19881988 400 C - 4130? Available in Turquoise/Chrome, Yellow/Chrome & White/Chrome 198619871987 400 C - Tri-Moly? Series-III frame 1988 800 PXL - 4130, Available in Chrome, & a Red & Jaguar Black.

Unfortunately almost no one posting serial numbers posted pics or posted bike that posted the serial number.

The first MX-III frames confused people so Redline also called them Series 3, ST(as in ST-20), Series Three etc. Some model years started earlier & this throws off the fluid look.

Late 1982 the first Series-III based bikes rolled out the 600a & 700. Also some bike owners may confuse the year of the date it was originally purchased with the model year which in some cases could be different**340790 1980 Redline Proline (PL-20)341692 1978-80 Proline (has No gusset behind seat, No Redline stamp)343277 1979 Redline MX-II (has No gusset behind seat, No Redline stamp)348647 1982 Redline MX-II (600 or 700) Frameset.

Redline Squareback First production bike was serial number 100. By the 500-600 range somewhere begin the 1975's.1974-1975 Front gusset had no hole1976-1977 Front gusset had two holes1978-1979 MX-II - 4130 frame/fork. Bike has 1 piece Sugino 175 cranks.19851985 500 B - . Two tone paint & chrome finish.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Serial Number Early USA made bikes may have had a code like this: RA = 81 Then run number is 5 digits.

Used the Squareback front end & the now familiar MX-II rear end on early models.1978-1979 Proline - 4130 frame and fork.1981 700 MX-II 4130 frame & down tube decals, Vbars & Redline stem, Suntour VX alloy 3 piece cranks.1981 600 MX-II 4130 frame & down tube decals, Vbars & Redline stem. Since the Advertisement had to be shot & submitted before print deadline it probably means the bikes were out at the end of summer of 1981. RB = 82 RC = 83 etc...**However bikes in the Museum throw that formula in the trash** (I will leave it up for now. Perhaps the C was actually a 0, then it would fit in with the above structure more.8 - 7 or 6 Digits year stamped866814 1986 Redline 500c (Redline Oval stamp.

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