Not drinking and dating

“I actually see that as a good thing, because it can deepen [potential] connections right away.”When it comes to how much information you share with a suitor, Mc Cance said telling someone that you simply don’t drink is sufficient — especially if you are just getting to know them.You don’t need to explain yourself or justify your sobriety.“Open yourself as much as you feel comfortable with,” she said.

It’d go like this: the first date would be a drunken mess at a bar.

He used to be a binge drinker, and according to him, “a bit of an alcoholic” who didn’t like the way he behaved when he drank to an excess.

I certainly understood why a sober lifestyle worked well for him, but I wondered if it would work for Five months later, I realize that our sober-not-sober relationship isn’t nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be.

Does part of me think we’d have more fun if Adam could also socially drink without fear of doing so to excess?

If he could hit a joint with me every now and then? Intoxicated mischief with partners while basking in the comfort of knowing we’re both being ridiculous and laughing about it can be exciting. I don’t try to see how many shots I can take in one night. I respect his choices and his boundaries, and he does the same with me.

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