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Mahatma Gandhi(1869-1948), famously known as "Mahatama" played a major role durin the era of Indian Independence, but was unfortunate to be killed later.The day we lost our "Father of the Nation" is remembered as MARTYR's DAY, every 30th of January.In order to support the thesis that the Maharaja acceded before Indian troops landed, Indian sources have now suggested that Hari Singh signed an Instrument of Accession before he left Srinagar but that it was not made public until later.

Patel arrived with his daughter, Manibehn, and was promptly ushered into the room where Gandhi sat at his spinning wheel.

Mahatma Gandhi's body lay on the pyre with his head to the north. At p.m., Ramdas, the third son of the Mahatma, set fire to the funeral pyre. The rest of the morning was spent answering letters.

Someone mentioned the fact that despite his poor health he was working incessently. He was aware of the strengthening of the police guard around the Birla House, but notwithstanding Home Minister Patel's earnest request, Gandhi would not permit those who attended the prayer meetings: 'If I have to die I should like to die at the prayer meeting.

The conversation with Patel was long and absorbing one.

Gandhi stressed that any breach between the two senior party colleagues would be disastrous.

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