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This big-screen remake of the television series did not perform well at the box office.He made a cameo appearance in the Girl Skateboards video Yeah Right! He then reunited with Chan to make Shanghai Knights (2003), and co-starred in the film remake of the 1970s television series Starsky & Hutch (2004).Wilson's publicist has offered no further comment since issuing the following statement on her client's behalf Monday: "I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time." Meanwhile, rumors continue to run wild over what provoked the incident.The New York Post cited a recent "vicious quarrel" with a close friend and his reported breakup with "You, Me and Dupree" co-star Kate Hudson as potential reasons — however, nothing has been substantiated.Wilson’s last serious romantic relationship – with beauty Kate Hudson – fell apart just before Memorial Day.Hudson had been spotted over the weekend very publicly canoodling with handsome new love Dax Shepard, but sources insisted that it did not contribute to Wilson’s emotional turmoil. His older brother, Andrew, appeared worried as he left the Santa Monica house and headed to the hospital early yesterday, one neighbor said. Wilson’s uncle Joe, who shares a house with Owen, said, “He’s fine, and the family is doing great.” One neighbor said that when she heard the ambulance, she was surprised because Wilson never causes any trouble. He never has any crazy parties or does anything wrong,” Betty Miller said. It’s not just one thing,” said a friend of the actor.After appearing in minor roles in action films like Anaconda and Armageddon and the horror film The Haunting, Wilson appeared in two dramatic roles: a supporting role in Permanent Midnight, which starred Stiller as a drug-addicted TV writer; and the lead role (as a serial killer) in The Minus Man, in which his future girlfriend, singer Sheryl Crow, was a co-star.

on Sunday for an incident listed as "attempt suicide." Wilson remains in stable condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, according to spokeswoman Cynthia Harding (see "Owen Wilson 'In Good Condition,' Hospital Says").Gene Hackman reportedly took notice of Wilson's performance in Shanghai Noon and recommended the actor to co-star in the 2001 action film Behind Enemy Lines.Also in 2001, Wilson and Anderson collaborated on their third film, The Royal Tenenbaums, a financial and critical success.However, Wilson did star in the film as Bill Murray's would-be son, Ned Plimpton; a role written specifically for him.Wilson partnered with Vince Vaughn in the 2005 comedy film Wedding Crashers, which grossed over 0 million in the US alone.

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According to Variety, Wilson was due to begin shooting his starring role in the film in the coming weeks.

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