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So, the round you saw presented as the first match-up was actually a rematch that Stephenie was participating in after she had already dislocated her shoulder! ) So, the injury happened in one place, but was edited into another.”He’s careful to point out that “There is no monkeying around” in terms of the results, which I agree with, and chalks this up to “not enough time,” which is bullshit.

I absolutely believe that the challenges are fair and straightforward when they’re played–there’s even a CBS standards and practices person there to make sure of that–but while the challenges are edited to be as dramatic as possible (which makes sense), this one was clearly edited to get drama from a fake version of reality (which doesn’t).

It was funny when James was saying it, but when I said it about Erik, I’m sure it was really hurtful." she "still feels bad about it to this day. Meanwhile, someone on location during the first episode has detailed the ways in which the editing on the first episode’s first challenge was distorted, including faking the way Stephenie dislocated her shoulder.Asked about what she and others knew about Russell before the game, Sugar told, “Certain people might have inside people who might know more about what’s really going on and they’re best friends with people… People did know certain things [coughs Parvaticoughs].”That echoes conversations in the community that Parvati received information about Russell’s game play from someone in casting and/or mutual friends before the game began.Well, that was true, but it wasn’t the round you saw.The actual first round (that you did not see) featured the exact same match-up (Stephenie and Cirie vs.

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