Pros and cons of dating a player

I have no idea who you are but I genuinely hope you find a person who is just as interesting and unique as you seem.

People like you are the coolest to have as family, friends, or significant others; especially teachers though, seriously.

If he’s lived an extra 10 years longer than you, he’s likely to have the same amount of years in baggage.Having someone going through the same as you are in the work place can be reassuring and engaging. So when one wins, say in the form of a raise or promotion, it can result in jealousy and feelings of resentment.We are so comfortable with each other Pro: When you and your girl are alike, your comfort zone turns extra cozy.But if his other family isn’t a , then it’s totally cool, right?In public, in front of your friends and even in front of your parents (shock horror).

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I tend to write about my personal life a lot on the internet, so if we date and/or have sex, the world will probably know about some of it (although I likely won't use your name or any identifying details). I have a blog that a stupid amount of people read, and even though I try not to post about weird interpersonal fights and general negative stuff, it's tough to hold back from writing about my relationships altogether.

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