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it scares the shit out of me when I am trying to enjoy my pornography at night, quietly. Do the people who created this site not understand just how fucking annoying this shit can be?

At first, I thought that this shit only happened to those who did not have an account here, but apparently, even if you fucking register, like I did, you will have to go through the same crap... Now, most of the videos here will be of HD or solid quality, really depends on the videos.

Real Life Cam is filled with all kinds of crap, I mean what else were you fucking expecting?I do not suggest you browse them by categories since they do not exist, so just browse this shit randomly.Look at the thumbnail, as that will tell you if that is the video you want to watch or not. For those who like to read about pornography, about different sites, videos, and all that crap, you should visit the 'articles'.I can easily say that is a very unique website, and you might already know the site, since before it was called RLCam and Plenty of you will be confused from the very start, since they decided to not explain anything as to what they have to offer, but do not worry, I am here to tell you all you need to know about this shit.

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Honestly, just by reading their name and what they wrote under their logo, you should already know what the fuck to expect.

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