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Aside from assuaging our nerves, psychology researchers have discovered that self-deprecating humor has an unintended side effect: It happens to improve our health.

Self-deprecation confers some positive advantages, notes a recent as people who regularly poke fun at themselves exhibit greater levels of emotional well-being.

Change the responses when you talk about a project.

Even when you don't feel like it - force yourself to simply explain it as if you were talking about something that someone else did.

All of these habits can make you feel more relaxed and stave off tension in your body. This isn’t quite as scientific, but: I’ve noticed that the more I’m able to make someone laugh from my misfortunes, the better equipped I am at putting unsavory events from my past in a lighter perspective.

Humor is a powerful tool for coping with any type of life stress, Cann explains, but knowing what kind of humor speaks to means that you can seek it out in advance so that it can act as a buffer. Ultimately, self-mockery should be a way of acknowledging our flaws and limitations through the softer lens of self-compassion.

This kind of self-deprecating behavior is ingrained in our industry.

Part of this is because laughter releases oxytocin, a hormone that , increases trust, and quickens self-disclosure.

Furthermore, people are attracted to authenticity — and by revealing our own flaws in a humorous way, we are able to build bridges so that others feel comfortable lowering their guard, as well.

According to Cann, it’s through these relationships that we can access the social support we need when life throws us curveballs.2. When you face your fears or stressors, allow yourself to see potential humor in the experience.

At work, for example, we can choose to reframe a faux pas in a more humorous light by poking fun at the situation.

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