Sex chat legal in thailand

Second, an adult who sends a nude or sexual photo of him or herself to a child could also be convicted of a crime.

In many states, it is illegal to share with children anything obscene or sexual in nature.

Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide you with appropriate legal advice and inform you of the potential consequences, including whether a conviction could result in sex offender registration.

An attorney can protect your rights and help you successfully navigate the criminal justice system.

The new trend in Thailand could bring new challenges.Some states have enacted defenses against child pornography charges for (sometimes including kids up to 19 years old) who engage in sexting, but such defenses do not apply to older adults.For example, one young man was charged with possessing child pornography because he had on his cell phone nude photos of his 16-year-old live-in girlfriend, who was also the mother of his child.Furthermore, in almost all states, adults convicted of child pornography offenses are required to register as sex offenders.Sex offenders must provide their personal information to police officers, who may make the information public.

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