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That is you can have your thoughts, you documents, you life, and your family private and free from scrutiny.

The failure in having this most basic of needs is to live the life of a slave. Thus, all the crimes against drugs, vices, personal behaviors, and the sort that are often promoted by progressives "to make the world a better place", and to do things "for the children" would NEVER be permitted if the Constitution was being followed as written.

It is not intended to be taken literally, but rather suggestive of how to handle a particular issue.

This scene has long since became a meme that is used in many different situations.

I thought about the craziness on the news, or at least what passes for news these days. I thought about buying my first hamburger when I was six years old; my father gave me a few dollars and pointed me in the direction of the local diner. I wonder if you could do that today, in the hyper-PC culture that America has become. It was something that I had been looking forward to having all week long, and Saturday was just perfect for making it. There, in a nano-second was a huge pile of green parsley slowly sinking into the chili. So, I reached in and with a ladle, I managed to remove about 80% of the parsley. The chili was far too polluted, and all you could do when you tasted it was the strong and noticeable taste of parsley. I wish that we could revert to more traditional ways of living, and one in which the rich and powerful were held in check. So anyways, musing about life and my “Rights”, has got me to thinking. Oh, you know “Our nation is great because we have popular elections.

All of these thoughts jumbled together when a commercial came on promoting an “in depth” study on how bad Trump is. I added the ground beef, the peppers, the tomatoes, the onions, and let it cook for hours on the stove. I wonder, what would the founders think about specific issues? The 1980’s comedy “Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure” was all about carting famous historical figures back from the past to the present so that we could benefit from their teachings and knowledge. It is what makes our democracy so great and wonderful.” Um, yeah, but we are not a “democracy”, at least we weren’t ever intended to be one.

It took time to cut up all the vegetables, and I had the beans all ready and added. They have their own rules, laws, and behaviors and they are untouchable. In my mind, I would like to revert America way back to the Constitution AS WRITTEN, and include ONLY the first ten amendments.

All of which lie within reach and within the domain of the wealthy.

Any mechanism that extracts money from citizens to a governmental body, no matter the form or name is a tax. There shall be NO taxation on any American citizen in any way, shape or form.

This means not only exposing Facebook activities or Wikipedia requests, but compromising “the invisible” Internet, or the “deepnet.” Legal and business deals, financial transactions, password-protected files and inter-governmental communications will all become vulnerable.

Once communication data is stored, a process known as data-mining will begin.

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