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I’m very kind and honest, but usually don’t hesitate to remove myself if I feel uncomfortable. Don’t be concerned about me judging you because of your age, ethnicity, religion, etc. Just came back from a trip and feeling kinda bored in my hometown so I’m looking to meet new people trough this community.

I realize there’s a lot of older individuals on here, and I’m used to having older friends, but please keep in mind that there might be some moments of immaturity because I am still young and don’t always catch my ignorance. I’d like to text with someone about his day, maybe send pics of things/pets/food and your city to keep it more interesting.

Except, a gently bred noblewoman isn’t going to be up for sex – she wouldn’t be used to hard travel, so her ass and thighs would be pounded into aching jelly, and not “slender and supple,” I don’t care how you justify it. Which basically means people come to chat with myself and others when they feel in danger of suicide or are otherwise in need of help.

I am very, *very* good at Tetris, and I’m an expert at pressing down-square in Tekken until I win.

I like to laugh, so I like comedy movies, and I’ll also enthusiastically be there for the opening night on any Marvel movie, provided I have the means.

I’m mainly looking for gaming friends (PC), but if anyone just wants to have a normal friendship, that’s fine as well. I’m rather boring person (realizing this sentence probably isn’t the best way to attract people).

I don’t think there’s any flaw of mine that I should mention, merely that I can care too much about certain things or topics. I’m an Argentinian girl looking for a fun and nice conversation.

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I like computer games, the subreddit with oddly specific stuff, rabbits, chocolate milk, snow, spooky things and long conversations. Turn back now if you’re not into that, because I can turn a limerick into a Shakespearean epic. Because I want to find a real connection, and I feel like there’s a better chance for that if I am more of a real person to you. First things first, ~~I’m the realest~~ I’m a writer (and I don’t actually listen to Iggy Azalea).

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