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I didn’t really glom onto the possibility that I was anything but straight until my sophomore year of college, when my best friend (male) came out to me. Like maybe my interest in the ladies’ underwear section of the JCPenney catalog had a sexual dimension to it. I was also in the process of questioning my religious identity and beliefs, and had started actively attending the local Unitarian Universalist church, which was also an extremely loving and supportive environment.

Luckily there was a small but supportive community to come out in. For me, coming out has always been an ongoing and multi-layered process.

Rural areas tend to have less access to mental-health services.

One study attributed the difference to the fact that people in rural areas were more likely to attempt suicide with guns, which are more lethal than other means.

After a few years I realized that wasn’t really me, so I let my hair grow back and re-embraced lipstick and dresses.

I discovered that many of the women in that community at that time were more or less openly hostile to bisexual women.Since 1999, the suicide rate among women has gone up 53 percent, while for men it’s increased by 26 percent.Experts have attributed this rise to economic woes, physical-health problems, deteriorating relationships, and mental-health issues.Suicide, which has always been more prevalent in rural areas, has become even more common in rural counties compared with urban areas.The suicide rate in the most rural counties has risen by 53 percent since 1999, according to the CDC.

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