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I’m more of a mid-level cuck, I enjoy seeing my wife get fucked while I sit watching, but I also like having threesomes and joining in.You may want hardcore cuckolding where your wife has full control to do as she pleases, just start slowly to really see what you both enjoy.

If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely.Impress with lots of erotic sex toys My girlfriend loves making guys lust over her, I’ve noticed that she always uses the same two toys while on cam and it always makes guys cum when they watch her: The Sexy Chat Method She has a Whatsapp that’s set up just for the guys she has cam sex with, she talks dirty, sends very kinky pictures and then lets me read them all.I did a whole other guide on simulating My girlfriend and I got addicted to her going on cam with other men, to the point where we would do it multiple times per day.If it turns you on seeing your wife masturbate with another man and your wife also enjoys it, then you’re ready. The feelings I get seeing my girlfriend get wet and giddy while she masturbates to a hot guy over webcam are the same feelings I get while cuckolding.The only difference is there’s no risk, she doesn’t show her face, he doesn’t know where she lives, we never have to meet and it takes minutes to set up..

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