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Most sexual predators and registered sex offenders look like "normal" people.Therefore it may be very possible that one is living in extreme close proximity to you and your child, and can even be your next-door neighbor.Such behavior may include the use of incessant pornography, one-night stands, multiple affairs, inordinate masturbation, contact with prostitutes, making obscene phone calls, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, frequenting sexual chat rooms, placing or following personal ads or acting on sexual fetishes.• Continues these behaviors even after getting caught, getting in trouble with the law, getting discovered by a spouse, getting physically hurt, hurting other people or jeopardizing one’s employment.What makes Kids Live Safe unique and different from government-operated sex offender registries is that parents have access to the most comprehensive family protection solution on the market.

Wait silently and elaborate on the question to ensure they continue to speak, giving you enough information to evaluate their response.

This is especially true for younger children who may or may not know the difference of what is appropriate or not when they are left with people to take care of them.

For this reason, there are a number of babysitting sites that pre-screen potential babysitters before their services become available to you and your child, and many other resources that help you screen and watch for warning signs before it is too late.

This bracket includes potential babysitters and caregivers you leave your child with.

It is extremely easy for a potential sexual abuser to cause harm to your child (or children) when you are gone and leave the responsibility to them.

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