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The separately incorporated cities of Richlawn, Beechwood Village and Norbourne Estates are enclaves within St. of 2000, there were 15,852 people, 7,978 households, and 3,661 families residing in the city.The population density was 3,938.3 people per square mile (1,518.7/km²).I am a tow truck driver, I spend most of my time on the road but I would love to meet someone I could get to know as friends, spend a little time, with and maybe more. serious and adult inquires only and you can be young and not be stupid.I am open minded love to have fun see what the world has to offer me and staying on the road as often as I do I endure as see alot it'd be great to maybe have a riding partner or at least a friend to spend some time with I get board on an off the road and someone who is grown up enough or serious enough to have an adult conversation or maybe more feel free to contact me. I feel age is only a number but you must b of legal age before contacting me. In the years before the Civil War, Kentucky planters had a surplus of slaves and sold many at markets in Louisville to traders who took them to the Deep South in the domestic slave trade.Demand was high as the South was being developed for sugar and especially cotton.

By 1840, it was known as "Gilman's Point", after local tavern owner Daniel Gilman. Matthews" was adopted in 1850 after the completion of St. It became the official name of the community in 1851 when the newly opened U. Holy Trinity, the oldest of the three Catholic churches in the city, was completed in 1882, following immigration to the area of Catholics from Switzerland and Germany.

that connected Louisville to Anchorage and Middletown.

The railroad did not greatly alter the economy of St.

The original landowners' names – including Brown, Rudy, Nanz, Monohan, Oeschner, and Stich – were used for local streets. A modern shopping district began developing in the 1920s, to include the landmark Vogue Theater, opened in 1938.

Growth of the area was accelerated by the Ohio River flood of 1937, which caused many families to leave low-lying ground in Louisville and move to St. It incorporated as a city in 1950, partially to address infrastructure problems The Mall St.

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Dating the arrival of American Indians to present-day Kentucky remains controversial, with estimates ranging from 40,000 to 10,000 years before the present.

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