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I, myself, personally prefer realism, but i know people who prefer it the other way. no experience with dating sims,or dating in general,really,but as far as my story/setting preferences go, I really like fantasy and/or sci-fi,however,with a sense of normalcy.

Just because something is one genre doesn't mean you have to fling its' elements in the reader/watcher/player's face.

One night she prays to her "Guardian Spirits" for the strength to be more honest to herself, and is shocked when her prayers are answered by three magical eggs.

These hatch into her three Shugo Chara, or Guardian Characters, each one representing a different facet of her hidden personality: her sporty and energetic side, her artistic side, and her domestic side.

With the aid of her Guardian Characters, which can bring her buried personality traits to the surface (sometimes against her will), Amu slowly learns to embrace and accept her Hidden Depths. Amu soon falls in with her school's "Guardians", an Absurdly Powerful Student Council whose four members each have their own Guardian Character.

She discovers that her multiple Guardian Characters make her The Chosen One, able to transform into a Magical Girl with three different forms, one for each Guardian Character she has.

If we eliminate all of the obese men, then we have to eliminate all of the obese women, too.

She gets up and says to Nikaidou"You see I was walking down the street to school and some girl grabs my hand and starts running. I'm running and listening to her thinking shes crazy! Uh so we're still running and I'm yelling why me!

Yeah, when I was little I would watch him read and play his games."Amu says"I get the manga part but what kind of butler plays uncensored games with a little girl.

Wait, if both of you and your butler do weird otaku stuff what do your parents think?

"I answer her"Well my dad is always busy and my mom has been gone for a long time."She makes a concerned face and I say in a serious voice"I guess I never told you but my mom left me when I was two.""I'm so sorry.""I guess that's why I'm so bad at house work and dealing with kids. But not nearly as bad as you.""How can you start talking like that after you just brought the mood down!

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With her new powers, she must hunt down the mysterious "Embryo" and battle against the agents of the Easter Company, who are creating Monsters Of The Week from her classmates' deepest insecurities.

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