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While looking at these poor newbs; it just boggles my mind. Sure my first run or two were not perfect, and one small mistake will ruin my chance of getting the hard endings.

Nevertheless, it's time that I school some of you newbs in improving your skills in the game, so that you can get the hard endings, and the hentai scenes.

In other words, when you find these items, sell them.

If you can, hold on to some items, and wait until the value is higher.

Setup whatever value that you want for “DNA Manipulation”. But if you really want a headstart on Charm, put all the points into that.

Day 8-10: Buy some chocolate and flowers (at least 3 each). If you picked her for the cosplay contest the other day, you will have enough experience with her to “Ask” for her name, making her your New Friend. Tip: Take note of Tomoko’s birthday, phone number, and everything else she likes. Once Kotomi is your girlfriend, go to the gym to raise her hentai level.Just make sure that you have enough to take care of someone and get some things for the girls.Dude you are the reason i fell in love with the internet.This brief walkthrough will show the steps need to get either the Super Playboy Ending the Goddess Ending (aka Sana's Ending).Basically, I will show you how you can achieve the goals needed to unlock either ending in one single playthrough.

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