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It is bordered by Kyrgyzstan on the north, China on the east, Afghanistan on the south, and Uzbekistan on the west and northwest. Tajikistan encompasses the smallest amount of land among the five Central Asian states, but in terms of elevation it surpasses them all, enclosing more and higher mountains than any other country in the region.

Tajikistan was a constituent (union) republic of the Tajik people share close kinship and their language with a much larger population of the same nationality living in northeastern Afghanistan, whose population also includes a large proportion speaking Dari, a dialect of Persian intelligible to Tajiks.

Much of Tajikistan is unsuitable for human habitation, but those desert and semidesert lands suitable for irrigated farming have been turned into flourishing oases, with cotton plantations, gardens, and vineyards.

The population density is also high in the large villages strung out in clusters along the foothill regions.

Such settlements usually consist of 200 to 700 single-family houses built along an irrigation canal or the banks of a river.

The rivers have two high-water periods each year: in the spring, when rains fall and mountain snows melt, and in the summer, when the glaciers begin to melt.

The summer flow is particularly helpful for irrigation purposes.

Traditionally, mud fences surround the houses and flat roofs cover them, and each domicile is closely connected with an adjacent orchard or vineyard.

In the mountains the s, sited in narrow valleys, form smaller settlements, usually 15 to 20 households.

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