Taurus woman dating

When he does pull away, when he goes silent- he’s got his guard up and he may emotionally withdraw from you.

Something seems to be off, so what can you do to solidify the relationship and make the most of your differences rather than have them hinder you, here?

These stubborn men are also prone to getting stuck in ruts and there is no rut quite like bachelor life. This is the one thing he wants more than anything- and yet, he is going to shoot himself right in the foot!

You, well, you’re a Sagittarius woman and there are very few signs that are as adaptable as you- like I said, keep an open mind. Taurus men respond to a woman wanting a relationship one of two ways.

The other type will see you as that special once in a lifetime love- and you’ll find him pursuing you with gusto.

He may see you as his better half and suddenly: he’s possessive.

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