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These include: which is celebrated on the first day after the full moon of the eighth lunar month (July).This ceremony initiates the three month rains retreat during which time novices, nuns, and monks are expected not to travel and to remain studying, chanting, counseling and blessing visitors, and meditating in their monasteries.This period of giving actually takes place over an entire month, not just one day and is called "tot kratin" in Thai.This period is also a period of fund-raising for a monastery and the gifts and donations garnered help them survive throughout the rest of the year.It is said that one day 1,250 enlightened monks miraculously appeared and bowed down to the Buddha.This was a great sign of the Buddha's superior teaching and enlightened state.

Monks, nuns, and novices are given new robes and occasionally new bowls, fans, umbrellas, medicine, toiletries, towels, books, pillows, etc.

There is occasionally even some lay men playing card games or repairing a broken faucet or window.

Usually labor at a monastery (unless it involves major construction or digging holes which monks are forbidden to do) is done by nuns, novices, and monks.

takes place on the full moon of the third lunar month (February).

Although it is not an extremely popular public celebration, it is an important monastic ceremony which commemorates an event during the life of the Buddha.

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