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Christian Mingle or any other dating site can have the coolest commercials and the best features, but if they don’t have amazing singles for you to meet, then what’s the point of using the site?

This is the reason that the very first stop on our Christian Mingle review is here. The quality of the singles on Christian Mingle was fantastic in all senses of the word. We’ve seen stats that they have well over 8 million members and counting.

We say TONS of people from all different denominations including Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran…actually, let’s just show you a list of the different religious options they have on Christian Mingle.

Here’s our verdict from our Christian Mingle review.

The one thing that we did note is that you are required to upload a picture before moving on with the sign-up process.

This is not the case with some sites, but it does translate into a higher quality experience.

We found two ways to test the activity level of members on Christian Mingle. Yes, we know we sound like an excited school girl right now, but it gets us happy when there are online sites that are making things easy for people looking for love.

During our Christian Mingle review, we had our expert team dig through the dating site from top to bottom to see what they were all about.We wanted to see how many members were active at the very second we were testing the site. Almost every member we checked had been on Christian Mingle within the last week. Our answer to this is going to be our opinion as you can’t really put that into numbers.We’re sure somewhere down the list there are some older members, but we didn’t find any, and we scrolled and clicked for a long, long while. Our verdict from every single one of our reviewers was that the quality was some of the best they had seen.Christian Mingle Review Site Name: Christian Mingle ( or Free: Paid membership site with a free trial Average Sign Up Time: 5-10 minutes, depending on if you fill out profile or not Paid Membership Pricing: Memberships starting at .99 per month We always get excited when we get the opportunity to review one of the heavy-hitters of the online dating world.These sites come with the biggest names, the most notoriety, but also the biggest shoes to fill.

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