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I can’t tell you how many CVs I have read over the years that contain mindless spelling errors, inconsistent formatting, or annoying design elements – and my colleagues are English professors. Also, make sure to thank the person who helped you by buying them a beer, coffee, or offering to look over their CV in the future!

Yes, even English professors are known to make mistakes! Can you easily read a printed and online version of it? 5: Not updating regularly Once you have gone through the daunting process of creating an academic CV, your work is far from over!

Instead, ask yourself the following questions: Did you create your own syllabus and/or teaching materials? Were you a part of creating/updating any curriculum, textbooks, or course outlines for your department or university?

What types of learning managements systems (LMS) did you use to build your courses? Did you teach a specialized group of students (engineer majors, students with disabilities, nontraditional students, non-native English speakers, etc.)?

Once you find a trusted colleague or friend to look over your CV, make sure to ask them the following: After glancing over it quickly (give them a minute or so), did you easily find my education/teaching/research/other relevant experience? You will need to regularly go back to your CV and update it to reflect any new accomplishments or experience.

How often you update your CV will depend on the kind of position you have, so keep that in mind.

Here are some design elements to keep in mind when creating or updating your CV: Use the same font throughout, and choose one that will be readable on any computer (Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, etc.).

Also, make sure to organize your CV for the position!Focusing on the unique and amazing things you did while taking on research, teaching, or professional roles will help you stand out!3: Using one CV for absolutely everything Another common mistake I see is using one version of your CV for everything.Set a date on your phone or calendar to look over it once a month, at the end of every semester, or once a year – whatever works for you!Keep a “master copy” of your CV on your computer, so you can add to it whenever something comes up.

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Creating an academic CV is a vital part of working in higher education.

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