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It has though, and people celebrate in all sorts of ways.“Pass the food and turn up the music” is a common slogan on World Party Day, but it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate, or even whether you celebrate alone or in company.

The premise is that everyone in the world is joined in party, so you can really do anything you like as long as it involves celebrating the joy of existence.

Violence to constrain our enemy is not the resolution.

He received no credit for this appearance but is listed on the call sheet for the day of filming as a "miner with prosthetics".

The day is to Promote peace by means of Joy and celebration. The main agenda of the day is “Party is the opposite of War”. Nevertheless, it will be better if we situate at places, which are meant for Partying.

The best cities for partying are New York City is the populated city in the United States.

Post your selfies with your neighbors using this Hashtag #Lets Party on Twitter. So, The Party never starts still we walk in, isn’t it? What we need is a music, Food and of course the bottle.

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The holiday was observed on behalf of a novel, A Quantum Fiction, written by Vanna Bonta, in which the ending scene portrayed as the whole world synchronized for a moment to celebrate this day.

This city is being ranked the topmost fashion capital of the world. The jazz clubs are notably famous for throwing a Party. San Francisco has many boutiques, Nightclubs for Partying and Public Transportation ends at Nights.

It is well known for street parades which majorly held in Manhattan New Orleans is situated near the Mississippi River and it is one of the best city for a holiday destination, music concerts. There are 359 bars, clubs, music venues available in Miami.

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