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However, the actress is yet to have a husband in her family.

Diane may not be married but she has her own family, where she is the mother of two adopted children.

Like Hughes, Beatty has charm, curiosity, and a self-confessed control-freak nature.

When the two first met at a Jennifer Aniston's Christmas party, Diane even went out of her way to ask the young actress if she even considers dating a man.

Diane may have a colorful bunch of dating histories but the 72-year-old never turned any of them into married life. Talking to Ellen in the , Diane opened up her reason for never getting a husband.

Diane revealed that she had the desire for getting married, but it so happened that none of her former boyfriends proposed her for marriage.

But, the million dollar question strikes whether the actress has been able to turn any of her dating affairs into married life.

Why don't you find the answer yourself by digging in!

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