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Though initially planned as a five-episode role, the character became so popular that she stayed on for the whole third season and returned for a two-part appearance in season four, after which the remainder of her original story arc played out as part of the first season of the Buffy spin-off series Angel.

Repentant and rededicated, Faith returned as a heroine in other episodes of Angel and in the last five episodes of Buffy.

After reading the script, Dushku rushed to a local Claire's to purchase dark makeup and other appropriate accessories for the part, Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

When she began her work on that series, Dushku was still a minor, and had to receive emancipation to work the production's long hours.

She said: I've been getting fan mail from maximum security penitentiaries and death row.She also voiced Megan Mc Queen in Champion Mode of the 2011 video game Fight Night Champion.Variety announced on August 2, 2006, that Dushku would co-star with Macaulay Culkin in Sex and Breakfast, a dark comedy written and directed by Miles Brandman.I had him on the brain for sure but I hadn't called him yet, but I sort of took a leap of faith and set things up with Fox and then called Joss.We went to a four-hour lunch where I just sort of used my womanly wiles.

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