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Though they were initially in third for the first part of the finale, they were the only team to keep their cab at the Roadblock, ushering an intrusive Logan and Chris out when they tried to steal it, and never lost their lead after that, finishing in first and winning the race.Engaged from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Justin is known for creating a fake Amazing Race proposal that went viral on You Tube.

After finishing Leg 9 just ahead of Tanner & Josh, the next leg saw them starting far behind the rest of the pack without an equalizer to catch up as James Earl struggled to untangle the balloon net at the Roadblock.Despite that, they still survived long enough to make it to the final three, surviving an unprecedented third U-Turn and winning the penultimate leg.This lead was all dashed when their cab left them at the Roadblock and Chris allowed Kelsey and Joey to reclaim their cab, despite Logan's being adamant that taking their cab was not against the rules.They struggled on the first leg when they decided to go for a weather-dependent Fast Forward, but still survived to place ninth.From then on, they never fell below third place and went on to win a total of seven legs while setting a franchise record of 5 wins in a row.

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Naturally, this resulted in Justin getting more and more cocky as the race went on, gaining much hatred from their fellow teams.

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