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Growing up around all things show business, Rebecca Hall knew very early in life that all she wanted to become was an actress.

At the age of 10, she appeared in the 1992 television adaptation of which was directed by her father.

She then attended St Catharine’s College, Cambridge where she studied English Literature.

She dropped out in 2002, a year before graduation to begin her professional acting career..

She was born to the renowned film director, Peter Hall who founded the prestigious, Royal Shakespeare Company. Hall’s mother, opera singer Maria Ewing is of a mixed heritage including Sioux, African-American, Scottish, and Dutch.

They first learned of “Animal” when the director Gaye Taylor Upchurch, who had overseen the play’s 2015 world premiere in Washington, cast them in a reading. Spector was assigned the role of Dan, a threatening young man to whom Rachel feels an instinctual, pheromonal attraction. Hall signed on to the production, fascinated by the way it put Rachel’s unstable, untrustworthy perceptions at the center. Hall said that her “biggest fear is probably going insane,” so perversely this is the kind of part that attracts her.) Mr. Spector has had supporting roles in “Christine” and also in “Permission,” a coming film about monogamy and its discontents starring Ms. Spector had said the same thing in the same seat in almost the same words, just 20 minutes before. With only a few weeks to stage a new play, hiring actors who come in the door with “that amount of trust already,” is an advantage and a pleasure, she said. Hall are dynamic, intelligent and emotionally labile. Upchurch said, will “just kind of crash into a scene just to try it this way or that way.” And Lyndsey Turner, who directed the pair in “Machinal,” wrote in an email that “unflinching accuracy, a profound connection with language and a genuine curiosity about who we are and why we do the things we do” describes the work of both.

Her paternal half-brothers; Edward and Christopher are both filmmakers while her maternal half-sister Jennifer Caron Hall is an actress.

Her other sibling Emma Hall is also an actress while Lucy is a stage designer.

(2016).• During her college years, she established her own theatre company.• Rebecca Hall grew tall very fast.

She has been standing at 5 feet 10 inches since she was 11 years old.• Hall appeared in the James Blake music video of his song, “A Case of You”.

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