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Twitter went into full celebration mode and started planning how they could help get A-Reece on the show.As an independent artist, his fans figured, he could use all the sponsorship available. During the interview with up and coming rapper Nick Grant, Sway asked him about a song he put out honoring black women in his family. Niles “Sway in the Morning” show host Sway Calloway drew plenty of ire and disdain towards himself on social media after an interview he conducted on MTV’s TRL.

I’ve been doing this more than you.” In December, Sway Calloway addressed the interview.While Mzansi may be sleeping on A-Reece, he's definitely making waves overseas and when Sway Calloway sent a message to the young rapper on Twitter, Mzansi woke up to the fact.Even those that won't admit it know that they would love to be a guest on Sway in the Morning, one of the most revered shows in the global hip-hop fraternity.Sway ends up tells Nick he alienated non-black women in the song and asks if he would date a non-black woman. An icon of hip-hop culture and a pivotal part of the MTV News team, Sway Calloway has been a staple within music-news for more than a decade.

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