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Confult Spanhiem in his notes on Calli- machus, pag.

-^I am furprifed Cowley fhould have forgotten Spen- fer : Phaer likewife in his tranfiation of Virgil, has, in imitation of the poet he tranflates, feve- ral hemiftiques. Belovjher hamhervjeeddid fomewhat trayne.l This picture is the fame as that of Diana, as repre- lented in ftatues or coins, or poetical defcripti- cns.

I am apt to think our poet had likewife in view the Amazonian drcfs of Pyrocles in his learned friend's Arcadia, pag. Upon, her body foe wore a doublet of f ye -colour fatin^ coz'ered with plates cfgold^ and as it were ?

I will hence take occafion to correal and explain Chaucer in the Merchant's tale, 1655, v.- here he imitates fome pai Tages of Solomons Song.

O goddife, for fucb I thcc tokc to lee For neither doth thy face terrejiial Jhno, Nor voyce found tnortall Aeneas' anfwer, O, quii7n te manor cm, v'lrgo, netmque baud tibi vultm Msrtalis, nee vox hcmiaem fonot : dca, ctrtc. Or as that faimm quccne Of Amazcrs, who Ju Pyrrhus did dejlroy. Pentefilea Neoptolemum fauciat : ilfe, do/ore occrpto^ Ama%onu7n du Slriccm Pentefikam ob- truncat.

To le avenged whatfoever fall.——— And Pirrhus fivorde was fo f:aipe xvhct.

The turtles voice is herd, my lady Jzcete, IP^inter is gone with all his rainis wete : Come forth noiv with ihyn eyin columbine ; (/.

12.) How fairer ben thy brejiis then is wine (read, vine, viz.

If Ifxuld graunt that I have doen the fame, That I mete drinhc the cup whereof fhe dranke y But that Ifcu Jd die guilt ie of the bla? That on the ground he layd him like a fencelefle blockc. Him in his iron paw he fcized had ) That when he wak't out of his warelel Te paine,. And fain'd to fly for feare of being thrall ; But he her quickly flayd, and forft to wend withalli XXIII.

And eartly calling forth both man and beaft Commaunded them their daily workes renew j Thefe noble warriors, mindefull to purfew 1 he lail: dales purpofe of their vowed fight, Themfelves thereto preparde in order dew ; 1 he knight, as befl was feeming for a knight, And th'Amazon, as beft it likt herfelfe to dight^ II. Alultae vera ex7tiembris Gratia: fuehaut : fed anti- qui tres Gratias effe fiint mentiti : alteruter vera Hcrus oculus ridens cenuim gratiis pullulalat.

All in a camis light of purple filke Woven uppon with filver, fubtly wrought.

And the apples methought fell doiun Jrorn the trees to do homage to the apples of her breafl.

L, 2, '}ti(\v.^oi,-7Z:-» oi A.:puy.ia, ra, j--=-^v« p.? So the place fliould, I think, be rendered and red.

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And quilted uppon fattin white as milke, Trayled with ribbands diverfly diftraught, Like as the workeman had their courfes taught ; W^hich was lord : Sad be the fights, and bitter fruits ofivcrre.

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