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But, when you do this you piss off her girlfriends by interrupting their conversation with your question.

And, you know they are pissed off because her loud mouth friend keeps referring to you as rude.

A gentleman who can notice details like this is likely to get a date with whatever woman they want.

Tool is infamous for poetic, profound, thought-provoking lyrics around life’s deepest subjects.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I owe a lot of my personal transformation to them.

My brother introduced me to Tool when I was eight years old.

Over the next decade, their lyrics made me curious about concepts such as challenging the status quo, forgiveness, humility, seeking external approval vs self-acceptance, spiritual growth, and seeing past our limits.

But what makes Tool special to me is that their messages have been both timeless and perfectly timed to each stage of my development.

Most dating experts will advise men to exert confidence, build up their self-esteem and perhaps improve their looks and assertiveness.

Then allow those people to eventually accept each other through shared values.

Wait a sec…that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at my retreats!

Now, if she responds with a feeling response and looks down at her chest or touches her drink or her arm as she responds, then she’s an emotional person. You can now engage and establish rapport with her based on the language she speaks.

Even if you are a feeling person and she is a thinking person, you will know how to communicate with her.

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  1. But, if you kill the momentum by waiting too many days to check in via text, or by not calling, or by not planning another date – you’re killing all those good vibes. It doesn’t matter if you’re casually dating or not, these types of things are always appreciated if not expected. ) isn’t going to come across as someone we want to waste our time with.