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I vowed I would write because we had such a good time.Use some of the money you save on accommodation to treat yourself to afternoon tea at the Victoria falls hotel!I note a recent correspondent managed to getting bedding this was not available on my train so I wonder whether if it depends on the crew or which of the two trains you are on.I had the feeling that the crew on my train were a bit more relaxed and casual about things compared to another train, where I saw the crew smartly dressed in uniforms.The toilet was perfectly functional and, I think, was cleaned in the morning.The blind in my cabin did not work but the windows in the cabin and in the corridor easily opened for taking photographs/taking in the scenery.There was a backpacking couple in the cabin next to me with the rest of the train comprising locals and families visiting home from South Africa. Security in my cabin was fine, with a working lock and a door chain.When moving about the train you had to be very careful as quite a lot of the carriage doors were banging open and shut including by the toilet.

The coaches were in OK condition when I travelled myself in 2001, but admittedly have been let go a bit lately and are now fairly decrepit, given Zim's economic circumstances.

If you pay for two tickets (perfectly affordable, given the fare) you can have sole occupancy of a coup.

The sleeping-cars are all British-built, the ones with wood-panelled interiors in Gloucester in 1952, the ones with the less attractive formica interiors in Birmingham in 1958.

The bunk was perfectly comfortable and I had a reasonable nights sleep, waking up briefly when we passed the southbound sleeper at around 2am.

I awoke in the morning at Thomson junction at around 6.30am.

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